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Passionate About Inspiring Others

In 1989 I was born in Berlin. After I had started swimming as a child, I decided to go to the sports school in Berlin at the age of 10 and take a professional path in sports.

With the completion of the school my way led me to the sports group of the German Armed Forces. During this time I completed my first step of my coaching career, which I should follow up afterwards. Incidentally, I was working as a journalist. Since 2016, I am now a student of sports and applied training science and expand my knowledge of the sport, to better understand what is needed for success.


I would now like to pass on this theoretical knowledge combined with my practical experience of now 20 years in high-performance sport. Whether it's a beginner or a well-trained swimmer, I'm willing to use my skills to get you to your goal.

Anything that is needed everyone has in his hands: passion, a goal and ambition.

  • Professional Athlete since 1999

  • C-License Schwimming

  • Instructor License

  • Certified Personal Trainer

  • Olympian 2012

  • European Champion 2014

  • Vice-European Champion 2010

  • Military-World Champion 2010 & 2014

  • National Champion 2014

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